June 18, 2024

Female focused, with simplistic value: a no-frills e-bike with refreshingly fun colors.

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Female focused, with simplistic value: a no-frills e-bike with refreshingly fun colors.

E-bikes often cater to a male-focused or more specifically these days, a gender-neutral audience, so it’s refreshing to encounter a brand that prioritizes a female-first perspective.
In this SixThreeZero EVRYjourney 500W review, let’s explore how this cruiser embraces simplicity without compromising on the joy of riding.

Right off the bat, we really like how the EVRYjourney 500W comes in several different color options, including: Mint Green, Cream, Navy, and Teal. At this price point, we love how riders can add a touch of personal flair through their choice of colors. That’s not something we see with every bike brand.

The EVRYjourney is equipped with a 500W rear hub motor, engaged through a cadence sensor, has mechanical disc brakes and a rear cargo rack capable of supporting up to 55 lbs.

The bike’s step-through frame at 21 inches is particularly accommodating for shorter riders, while allowing for fine tuning your ride comfort through an adjustable handlebar stem and seat post. The upright riding position was comfortable, as you would expect from a cruiser e-bike. And we were surprised with how well the 26″ x 1.95″ tires gripped, even in rainy conditions.

Overall, we were impressed with several aspects of the EVRYjourney 500W. The motor was powerful and zippy (see our hill test below), it’s lightweight and pedals well, and has a nice design. However, there are a few areas that we think sixthreezero needs to improve on, namely the brakes (see our brake test results section below for details).

So, let’s dive into all the tiny details of our EVRYjourney 500W review to see if this bike is the cruiser e-bike you have been looking for.

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