June 18, 2024

First ride review of the new GIANT AnyTour X E+ trekking ebike – any tour at any time?

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First ride review of the new GIANT AnyTour X E+ trekking ebike – any tour at any time?

Comfort and control: Anywhere, anytime and for anyone! That’s the idea behind the new GIANT AnyTour X E+ off-road step-through bike that is aimed at a wide audience of adventurous ebikers. We tested the € 5,699 trekking ebike “almost anywhere, at almost any time of day” and tell you what it is capable of.

If you think that off-road step-through bikes have only just recently become the hottest trend in trekking ebikes, you are seriously wide off the mark. We launched our first off-road step-through group test back in 2020, followed by our full suspension off-road step-through group test and our SUV ebike group test. Off-road step-through bikes are taking the trekking segment by storm and are here to stay.

So why have GIANT – one of the world’s biggest bike manufacturers – waited until 2024 to launch a true off-road step-through bike, even inviting the European press to a big presentation at the company’s German headquarters? Perhaps there is more to the new GIANT AnyTour X E+ than meets the eye.

IANT AnyTour X E+ 0 | GIANT SyncDrive Pro2/800 Wh | 100 mm (f)
29.6 kg in size L | € 5,699 | Manufacturer’s website

At first glance, the AnyTour X E+ appears to be a traditional off-road step-through ebike made of aluminium. Only the front is suspended, the rear triangle is rigid. The AnyTour rides on 27.5″ wheels and has 100 mm of front travel. The bike is powered by GIANT’s proprietary SyncDrive motor system, with different battery capacities and motors available depending on the model variant.

The adventurous range of four test bikes starts at € 3,699. Our top-of-the-range test bike, the GIANT AnyTour X E+ 0, is listed at € 5,699. It is powered by a GIANT SyncDrive Pro2 motor with an 800 Wh battery. In size L, the adventure vehicle weighs 29.6 kg. We’ll look at what is behind these figures in a moment.

Not just for anyone, but also AnyTour! – What makes the GIANT AnyTour X E+ so special?

The trekking ebike segment isn’t new territory for GIANT. With the Stormguard E+, GIANT already have another iron in the fire. However, GIANT claim that the full suspension Stormguard is more inspired by sportier eMTBs. Whereas the AnyTour X E+, on the other hand, has been designed with comfort and control in mind. It is a beautiful trekking ebike on which you can collect equally beautiful memories – but you are less likely to push yourself to the limit on endless explorations.

The AnyTour X E+ is also important to GIANT because, with its pioneering technology, it combines many of the virtues and innovations that are intended to characterise GIANT ebikes. Take the aluminium frame, for example. The frame of the AnyTour X is manufactured using several different processes to combine design, functionality and robustness. The head tube is cast and is a single, beautifully shaped piece.

The double-walled down tube is made from aluminium extrusion. This multi-walled structure not only increases stability but also acts as a duct for the cables that run through the headset into the frame.

The motor mount, a critical point on step-through bikes, is forged. According to GIANT, this forging process allows it to withstand higher forces than, for example, bent and welded aluminium plates of an equivalent wall thickness. Because step-through bikes have no top tube, the motor mount absorbs the torsional forces of the front frame and rear triangle all by itself. If it fails to do so, it could result in unstable handling and handlebar wobble. The motor mount is also aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly integrating the lines of the down tube and chainstays into the motor cover.

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Mike Hunger

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